Luck is in Everything – Not Just Poker!

Luck is in Everything – Not Just Poker!

Many people claim they are unlucky, whilst others seem to always have it, yet is there really such a value as luck? Is there a mathematic value that can be assessed when it comes to luck? It would be impossible to try and calculate the luck that many things in life throw at us, with the only real way of calculating the chances of them happening being to record those instances against the times when they did not happen.

Okay, maths lesson is now over…

So football, what do you think the chances are of a keeper making a fantastic save only to parry the ball right into the path of an oncoming striker? I honestly couldn’t tell you, but supporters of the opposing team would call it a lucky goal, with them being right as that ball could have been parried anywhere else except straight at the feet of the opposing player.

The same could be said about a player having a thirty yard effort on goal that is looking like it will be a screamer until it comes off the bar, again many would say he was unlucky. Another player would be classed as lucky if their free kick was to deflect off of a player in the wall to loop over the keepers head.

Luck is simply everywhere, though whether or not one person is luckier than another is a debate that could go on for a lifetime, one that I do not want to be “lucky” enough to witness.

Poker Is A Little Different!

People claim that there is luck in poker, however I do not really like to call it luck and neither would many of the players that play the game. Poker is a game of probabilities and chance broken down into percentages, with each player making their move dependent on their chances of making a hand coupled with how much they have to risk to see if they can.

7087c2e0bb39e2faa101532bb39747acTo the right is a graph with a number of statistical percentages each player will have in a particular situation in a game of Texas Holdem Poker.

These suggest that a player has a certain chance of making each hand.

This is why I believe that playing Texas Holdem is about making your own luck, simply by playing the right way and when the odds are in your favour.

You may lose from time to time but over the long run the “luck” should go more in your favour.

This control that players have over their own luck is what has made Texas Holdem Poker so popular today on big poker sites like Full Tilt Poker. Players are not held to ransom by luck as they would be in many other forms of gambling, they have that certain level of control that enables them to play to the odds whilst also making use of the various strategies available to overcome their opponents.

Poker is a game of skill and ability much like football, with just a little bit of luck thrown in at certain points.

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