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      1. Ha no, I use a crafty combination of Microsoft Word to make it black and white and Microsoft Paint! But I’m intending to get hold of Photoshop soon, Paint does have it’s limitations…

        If you every fancy writing a guest article for my site I’d happily include any of your work – or visa versa – do you take guest submissions on yours?

        Jude Ellery

        1. Yep, I’d be happy to write any guest articles. Any particular subject you’d like?

          Been looking for some guest posts actually. I’m planning on doing a series on favourite football matches soon, would you be interested in doing one on your’s?

          1. Hi, just found this reply! I’d love to do one on the European Championship match between The Netherlands and Czech Republic, if you’re still going through with the idea? That match had everything, literally. Great goals, dodgy goals, great saves, a sending off (I think) – best game ever!

  1. Hi Josh!

    Any chance you can cast your eye over Sportingly Better?

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    We write regularly for and and have featured guest posts already across a number of leading football media sites and blogs. Our betting terms have also been cited on Wikipedia.

    Feel free to browse the website and let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks for your consideration

    Patrick Stromso
    Sportingly Better

  2. Hey mate, can you please spare a bit of your time to look at our website (GT in short ) We publish every month an e-mag with articles covering various facets of the game like recent developments in the game, retro stories, tactical analysis, personal experiences, upcoming talents and much more. If you like it will you please add our link on your site? Thanks in advance 🙂

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