Video: Analysis of Naby Keita in the build-up against West Ham

Video: Analysis of Naby Keita in the build-up against West Ham

Naby Keita Virgil van Dijk

Naby Keita has been splitting opinion with his performances for Liverpool, so we take a look at how he helped Liverpool move the ball forward in their match against West Ham.

Jamie Carragher said of Keita before the game: “This is the man who I’m still waiting to really explode and show Liverpool supporters what he is about. He’s a funny player you can watch a game and the perfect example was away against Norwich and I didn’t think he played particularly well, he didn’t have a terrible game, he was just okay. 

“Then you get all the stats come through about how many times he regained the ball, how many passes he made to people in the box, all these different stats that when you look at you think you’ve got a top player there. He’s always top of those stats but when I watch a game, I don’t feel like I see that with my eyes.

“He’s got to stay fit, that’s a big thing for him, but there is still a role in central midfield to add more of an attacking thrust to Liverpool. That’s what he was brought in for and that’s what we need to see a lot more of.”

You can watch the video here.

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