Video: Analysing Mason Holgate in possession

Video: Analysing Mason Holgate in possession

Mason Holgate in possession

The last few years haven’t been great watching for Everton fans, however one man who may have benefited from the Blues’ lean years is Mason Holgate.

When we last looked at Everton on the site, Holgate was a strong and aggressive but extremely raw young defender. If Everton had dependable alternatives it’s unlikely we would have seen much of Holgate, and yet Holgate has been able to get plenty of senior games under his belt, both in the Premier League at Everton and in the Championship on loan at West Brom. These opportunities are difficult to find for young players in England, yet Everton’s fairly poor alternatives in recent years has given Holgate the room to develop into an excellent young defender that could be expecting an international call-up soon.

“I couldn’t turn England down. I’m from Yorkshire, I’m from Doncaster!

“My grandma and grandad are Jamaican, so it would be nice for that side of the family but I don’t think my mum and dad would speak to me if I turned England down.

“I don’t think I’ve got much of a choice. I’m English, I’ve come through the age-groups, I’ve always been an England fan, supporting them at World Cups and Euros.

“So as much as I would love to do that for my grandma and grandad, and they would be proud of me, I see myself as English and it’s England who I want to play for.”

Holgate’s grown into a more considered and safer man at the back, however it’s his risk-taking style in possession that catches the eye, which we examine in this video.

You can watch the video here.

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