The Biggest Premier League Games This Month (Oct 2018)

The Biggest Premier League Games This Month (Oct 2018)

 Premier League Biggest Games This MonthI’ve no doubt everyone reading this is a busy bee, working 7 days a week and taking care of the misses whenever they get a spare moment. That’s why I’ve decided to give you a quick and dirty look at the biggest games remaining in October of 2018, so you know where to look when it’s game time. I mean really, are you all that interested in Cardiff v Fulham? It’s a bit of a relegation battle and that’s an interesting thing to consider, but we want to look at the games out there that are going to result in some fireworks! So close your betting apps, turn off the best free adult games and take a look at our top picks for games in October 2018.

Saturday 20th of October: Chelsea v Man United a clash of the Stamford Bridge locals and struggling Manchester United. We published an article a few days ago looking at the problems over at Man U and we’re convinced that this is going to be a problematic game for the Red Devils: Chelsea are at the top of the table with 20 points in 8 games: only Manchester City are beating them because of goal difference. We’re expecting to see Chelsea take this one 3-1, especially since Chelsea have the home advantage. Times are tough for Manchester United and this game’s incredibly important for both sides.

Saturday 20th of October: West Ham v Tottenham Hotspur a London derby with a reputation for delivering some fantastic games over the last few years. West Ham looked clean and polished against Manchester United but less convincing in their 0-1 defeat to Brighton last week. Out of their last 12 games, West Ham have won 6, drawn 2 and lost 4 against Spurs: it should be a good game to keep an eye on. 2-2 prediction here class performances from both sides.

Sunday 28th of October: Burnley v Chelsea an unlikely pick, but we fancy Burnley to do quite well against Chelsea for a few different reasons. First, their last three games have been 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss with the win coming away from home. Second, Burnley are up against Manchester City before the game against Chelsea and coming away with two losses from these teams wouldn’t be great for their standing on the table. Burnley are currently 12thquite a distance away from their 7th place finish at the end of last season. 1-1 draw is our prediction, although a 2-1 win for Burnley is also possible depending on the injury status of a few of Chelsea’s key players.

Those are our three favorite games for this month of Premier League action. It’s not the greatest month for footballing action we’re pretty keen for December to roll around when some massive fixtures are set to occur. Until then, sit tight we’ll let you know ahead of time what fixtures you need to be paying attention to.

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