Liverpool’s pain for title defeat will only disappear with the Champions League title

Liverpool’s pain for title defeat will only disappear with the Champions League title

Jurgen Klopp

If Liverpool were not able to turn around the Champions League semi-final with an extraordinary performance now their season will be over without titles. This is why Jurgen Klopp was really happy after the miracle against Barcelona.

You could see that excitement on his face when he went to meet the journalists. He was proud of what his team achieved. People that know him from long time said that they have never seen him so satisfied not even when he managed to win the double with Borussia Dortmund back in 2012.

Even though the great come-back against the Catalan side didn’t actually win Klopp any trophies he gave Liverpool the chance to play in the final in Madrid. This time it will be in their hands to secure the title after the frustrating fight against ‘invincible’ Man City in the Premier League.

Klopp three years and a half ago said that his mission was to turn the doubters into believers. He is undoubtedly on track but he now needs to win a title. Despite Liverpool has had a sensational season, ending without winning anything could potentially jeopardise the whole project.

Achieving the final of the Champions League for the second year in a row is a massive result. But in football memory is short and if Liverpool do not bring home the Champions League in Madrid on 1st June, the pressure might become unbearable next season for Klopp and players. Liverpool come into this match as the strong favourite to win the title. All the best betting sites in the UK are paying 6/11 for the Reds to win the Champions League. Tottenham are at 5/3

In October 2015, when he was in contention for the Liverpool job, Carlo Ancelotti told the owners that he would need to sign several top players to lift the Reds from a disappointing mid-table position. Klopp, on the other hand, said that the main thing to go back to winning was to ‘activate the crowd’.

Jurgen Klopp has learned both at Mainz and at Borussia Dortmund that creating a strong bond between fans and players can take the team to an entirely new level. Surely good players are important and so are tactics and systems but having a unified purpose will generate the special energy that can bring glory. We have seen this all in the historical match against Liverpool at Anfield.

Klopp is wholly convinced that success comes from within. Since he has taken the job at Anfield, he has worked hard to reconnect with their identity as winners. He has empowered players and has given them the belief that they can do something great. He has taught them not to fear oppositions even if they are called Barcelona.

You can see that the man has confidence and has an aura that is spreading around to players and fans. He has great passion and love to coach. After all when he was child he wanted to be a doctor so that he can help people. He believes that a top manager has to look after the heart, body and soul of every player. Only in this way, they will be able to perform to the maximum of their abilities.

In order to do so he speaks a lot with them and try to adopt a specific psychological approach with everyone of them. We don’t know what is going to happen the 1st June but one thing is clear. The Liverpool fire is burning bright and it will continue to do so into next season. It is still burning even after the agony that goes with ending their season as the best runners-up in the Premier League history.

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