Breaking down Spurs’ defensive troubles in Europe

Breaking down Spurs’ defensive troubles in Europe

After Tottenham qualified for the Champions League, among the excitement were question marks over Harry Redknapp’s tactical acumen and how much success Tottenham’s 4-4-2 could sustain on the continent.

For the most part, Harry has shown he can be a clever tactician even if he doesn’t consider himself one – calling more into question whether he knows what people actually mean by tactics – particularly in his shift to 4-5-1 to make way for Rafael van der Vaart, which is better suited to Europe’s more considered approach.

There have been some defensive hiccups though - generally they are minor errors, but it’s these little issues that will get exploited the deeper into the Champions League they go.

In the video below, I have looked at each goal Tottenham have conceded in Europe this season and analysed what went wrong.

If you like this format say and I might do more or, if you prefer, I could put some text and pictures up.


2 thoughts on “Breaking down Spurs’ defensive troubles in Europe

  1. Interesting 😀

    Though if you can include BOTH format would be preferable. Some country have a much lower connection speed and therefore need to wait for the buffering.

    The background sound is kinda ok…

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