Betegy review

Betegy review

I was recently approached by Betegy to review their website – a group of football fans that have developed an algorithm for predicting the results of matches. In exchange for a fee of €29.99, you get premium membership on the site, giving you access to stats and predictions for Europe’s top 5 leagues – Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 – as well as bonus predictions for the Dutch and Portuguese leagues. The algorithm takes into account various different characteristics – from how many points the team has won and how many goals they have scored to whether or not it’s one of the players’ birthday – and as they analyse more matches they get more data to use in the future, meaning that as more matches are played the results should become more and more accurate.

The website itself is well-designed, with a simple curved, cartoony look to everything. The website is then split into four categories: predictions, support, history and blog. Support is self-explanatory and the blog gives a more personal look into what Betegy are doing, although it is predictions and history where the meat of the website is. Predictions gives tips for upcoming games while history shows how successful they have been in the past. There are then some special categories for bets: recommended for what should be certain wins for the stronger team, extreme for what could be wins for the weaker team (riskier but with a btter pay-out) and doubles for when betting on both teams could get you a decent pay-out, with each result given a likelihood percentage to further detail the risk.

It’s a little disappointing that, although they give a little bit more detail in their statistics, they only offer predictions on the results rather than the more obscure options such as number of corners or yellow cards some betting websites give. This isn’t the type of analysis Betegy deals in though – they are all about balancing probabilities based on statistics. It’s a betting strategy that just happens to be focussed on football, rather than a football site about winning you money.

While it sounds cold, when you are putting your money on the line, do you really want to be left to the subjective eyes of a fan over an objective system? Although the latter sounds more interesting, the first will probably be more accurate, which is exactly what makes Betegy a worthwhile investment. Their reccomended bets have a 73% success rate, with a 100% record in Premier League games. It may not give you much insight into the game, but if you bet a pound on every reccomended bet they suggest, you are pretty much guaranteed to make money.

Betegy’s a betting strategy – treat it as such and it pays for itself. They provide five free predictions a week, so you can always test it out before you invest properly.

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