5 great bicycle kicks

5 great bicycle kicks

By Chris Stillwell

A correctly executed bicycle kick can result in a spectacular goal whilst a poorly executed bicycle kick often results in the player lying on the ground nursing a sore back and ego while the ball sails over the crossbar.

There are loads of examples of well executed bicycle kicks on YouTube from all over the world, so we’ve taken a moment to pick just 5 to make up our list. If you disagree or want to suggest a great bicycle kick, feel free to leave a comment.

1) Marco van Basten vs FC Den Bosch

We picked this one was based on the placement of the ball right in the top corner where even the best goalkeeper would struggle to reach let alone the FC Den Bosch keeper who doesn’t even flinch as the ball flies past him.

2) Ronaldinho vs Villarreal

Ronaldinho has scored some great goals in his career, but this one against Villarreal is right up there with his best. Receiving the ball from the right, Ronaldinho takes the ball on his chest then manages a reverse 180 degree turn to hit the ball with his right foot to loop and dip above the keeper just under the crossbar.

3) Trevor Sinclair vs Barnsley

Trevor Sinclair scored 16 goals during his 168 appearances for QPR and this bicycle kick goes down as the best of his career and one of the best in FA Cup history.

4) Wayne Rooney vs Man City

In a derby game Rooney pulls this bicycle kick out of nowhere to give Manchester United the win and help them on their way to winning the 2010–2011 Premier League title and their 19th league title overall.

5) Rivaldo vs Valencia

It’s 2-2. Rivaldo receives the ball with his back to the goal, takes it on his chest and under pressure from two Valencia defenders manages to connect cleanly with the ball to send it past the flailing Valencia keeper. 3-2.

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One thought on “5 great bicycle kicks

  1. As a United fan I prefer Berbatov’s against Liverpool, part of an awesome hat-trick and in off the bar. And, if we’re honest, Rooney shinned it. Still a great goal, though.

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