2012 January transfer window: What will the new recruits bring?

2012 January transfer window: What will the new recruits bring?

This year’s deadline day was pretty dour compared to last year, which in fairness was hard to beat because of some ridiculous fees being paid. Uefa’s fair play financial rules may have played a part in this since clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City, who have recorded £78 million and £197 million of losses respectively, will have to try and break even or risk sanctions – the worst being banned from the Champions league. However there were still some very interesting deals so here are a few that interest me the most in terms of how they can affect the team.

Josh McEachran

With limited chances at Chelsea, this is a big chance for Josh to get a run of games and show his true playmaking ability. McEachran is a player who has an excellent passing range and can dictate the tempo of the game deeper in midfield. Villas Boas has played him in front of the defence before, however Romeu’s physical advantage has seen him favoured since he will sometimes be required to drop in and become a third centre back. However at Swansea, Josh will be a great asset to the team since he is very calm and composed. In England pundits often talk about how players can “spray” balls to the flanks, such as Charlie Adam. Even though this is great to watch, midfielders have to be able to dictate the tempo of the game by playing long balls, but also using good one touch play to take the sting out of the game, which is why a player like McEachran will be a fine signing.

Jean Beausejour

This may seem a surprise since he is not an exceptional player, however Martinez often switches from a 4-5-1 variant to a 3-4-3 and with Beausejour’s work rate, pace, and dribbling ability, he will give Martinez good tactical flexibility. He can play high up the pitch in a 4-5-1 or attack from deeper on the overlap in a 3-4-3 as he has done for both Borghi and Bielsa’s Chile sides.

Ryo Miyaichi

Signed for Arsenal at the age of 17, this young man could be a key player for Bolton with his blistering pace and mesmerising skill. He will give Bolton the ability to unlock teams in the final third if passing moves and crossing aren’t working for them.

Papiss Demba Cisse

When he first signed for Freiburg from Ligue 2 side Metz, he had a decent but unexceptional first season compared to his last two in which he had a 1.4 goal average in the 2010/2011 season. He will be the perfect foil for his compatriot Demba Ba as he will play on the shoulder of the last defender while Ba’s technical ability and vision means he will be able to find Cisse from deeper positions on the pitch.

David Pizzaro

Without Yaya Toure, Manchester City have been very ponderous deeper in the midfield. Pizzaro is a controlling playmaker who can dictate from deep, something Manchester City have been missing for a while. Michael Cox of zonalmarking.net sums up perfectly what he does: “There are two types of playmaker, however: controlling playmakers and incisive playmakers. The former generally sits deeper and dictates the pattern and tempo of the game, while the latter is more likely to thrive between the lines and play intricate passes through the opposition defense”. Pizzaro is the former which is exactly what city need right now.

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