The Do My Work For Me competition

The Do My Work For Me competition

Courtesy of the lovely people at Indesit, I have had a football shirt to give away since late July, but couldn’t think of any sort of competition to decide who to give it to.

However, the recent infrequency of posts due to me starting university (partly through the extra work and partly now having an excuse for being a lazy dosser) has led me to thinking the best competition may be for you lot to write pieces for me. One of you gets a shot at winning a shirt and I get some posts to plug the gaps between mine.

Come mid-December, me and Rob will pick the best one and the winner will have a lovely new shirt coming his way in time for Christmas.

No specific theme or word count, just write something about football and send it to the email address found on the contact page to have a chance of winning.


Update: With only a handful of responses, the competition’s been called off.

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