Holding Midfield was founded in June 2010 as a means of keeping track of my thoughts and feelings on what’s going on in football. I used to make notes on matches so these should just be seen as a more coherent form of them, which hopefully some will find interesting.

Should you wish to contact me for any reason at all, you can email me at Joshua_Askew(at)mail(dot)com or on Twitter. You can also become a fan of Holding Midfield on Facebook.

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  1. Hi mate,

    Just came by your site through a link I found on facebook from a football manager related page. I thought I’d help make your site load much faster… the problem now is the grass background which is almost 6MB, which is a hell to load.
    Use the edited image I prepared for you and make it repeat in your CSS.
    It’s only 160KB, and it should have the exact same result.


  2. Hi,

    great site. know about it for a few days and i like your articles (about Litmanen and England Argentina 1998, great read). but I miss one thing: a rss feed.

    keep on writing.
    kind regards

  3. Hi, We would like love to translate your Juan Sebastian Veron article and publish it in an Argentinean website (with all the due credits, obviously). Would that be possible? Thanks (please contact me in private if needed).

  4. Hi, I must say I love your articles. They are well thought out and presented in a professional fashion. I would like if you could have a bot on our new football related forum. Although I am unsure how to add you to it or if you need to add it yourself. I have seen it on a few other football sites.

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    How are you?

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