The future of streaming

May 17, 2011

As we’ve mentioned before, the internet has opened up a new realm of possibilities for football fans, and, while not always legal, the streaming of matches online has been one of the more useful additions.

For those who simply can’t afford to pay for Sky Sports, ESPN and their overseas equivalents, streaming makes it possible for them to watch their favourite team play live in an otherwise expensive environment.

Although the bulk of this market are illegal streams, there’s been an increasing number of legal options appearing: many clubs allow you to buy a season pass to watch their games online, Betfair give users access to free (legal) streams and the World Cup qualifying game between England and Ukraine was only available to view online. These streams have an advantage over most of their illegal substitutes – a much higher quality. There’s only so much fun to be had if the stream is cutting out every few seconds or you can’t make out which players are which.

With all these new high quality feeds, it seems a bit of a waste to watch them on a poxy little laptop screen or PC monitor. Which is where Veebeam comes in.Veebeam allows you to wirelessly stream HD images up to 1080p on your television using the USB dongle, and is compatible with surround sound.

You can buy it now for £139 from their website or from Amazon, and check out the system requirements you will need to get the highest quality stream available.

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