Premier League 2010/11 awards

Premier League 2010/11 awards

Unlike some other sites we wait until the end of the season to do our awards. This was meant to go up on Sunday afternoon though, so we’re also clearly much lazier. Swings and roundabouts. Enjoy.

Player of the Season

Looking through the candidates, there’s no one obvious player who deserves this accolade. Carlos Tevez has been sensational for the majority of the season, but we’ve plumped for Nemanja Vidic. It’s often difficult for defenders to win awards, as their work is mostly shared between the organisation of a team and is less spectacular than an attacker’s, but the new Manchester United captain’s sheer dominance would impress even the most casual of observers. The fact he also should have won significant recognition for his performances in 2008/09 plus his team’s league success this season gives him the edge over his former teammate.

Young Player of the Season

As the only decent contender, it’s a shame Martin Kelly’s appearances were limited this season – he still wouldn’t have come that close to Javier Hernandez though. Chicharito’s taken Michael Owen’s spot in the United squad as the man with the “big goals”, while showing versatility on top of a poacher’s instinct.

Goal of the Season

Marco van Basten versus Stoke. No? We mean Gareth Bale‘s volley then.

Manager of the Season

As one of those who found it difficult to see where Blackpool would be getting any points this season, we must give Ian Holloway a lot of credit for his work, but it’s difficult to justify saying a manager whose team was ultimately relegated was the best of the year. Likewise with Kenny Dalglish, having been in charge at Liverpool for just half of the season. Sir Alex Ferguson is the next logical choice, yet United have been rather disappointing champions. Our choice was split between FA Cup finalists Tony Pulis of Stoke and Roberto Mancini of Man City, who have both noticeably improved their sides. Mancini, having beaten Pulis in the cup final, also wins this encounter – despite his considerable resources leaving many expecting more, the Italian’s work in making City look a dominant side is impressive.

Disappointment of the Season

It’s hard to look past Fernando Torres for this dubious honour. Despite his injury problems the year before, he had still been superb when he played, yet this season he’s looked nowhere near world class. He’s suffered from tactical choices – Liverpool’s lack of pressing and rigid structure, and the insistence on a striking partner at Chelsea – but that doesn’t excuse his lack of effort on Merseyside, or his seeming loss of ability at Chelsea.

Team of the Season

Honourable mentions: Branislav Ivanovic, Luka Modric, Stuart Holden, Yaya Toure, Jack Wilshere, David Silva

13 thoughts on “Premier League 2010/11 awards

  1. Where is Cheick Tiote? Where is he? I don’t see him in team of the season or honourable mentions. Do mine eyes deceive me?

  2. No mention of Robin van Persie? Mr. Glass could be there ahead of Tevez! 6 less league games, 2 less goals, 1 more assist.

      1. Fair enough. I think the fact that he was so close to Tevez performance playing a significantly lower number of games is quite instructive, but I see your point.

  3. Without wishing to be too pedantic, van Persie made 25 PL appearances. Compare this to Holden’s 26 (mainly due to a lengthy spell on the sidelines, much like RVP) and Hernandez’s 27, it makes your reason for his exclusion somewhat questionable.

    1. Fair enough on Holden – thought his injury was later for some reason.

      I took context into account for Hernandez: he probably would have played more games if his reputation was as good at the start of the season as it is now.

  4. I just cant understand why you have not got bale in your team of the year!??? Also i dont think Hernandez should be there due to the fact Van Persie was amazing when he played and Darren Bent was not bad either.

    1. Bale hasn’t impressed me that much other than at the start of the league season, although he was among the best in the Champions League.

      The exclusion of Van Persie’s been covered, but Bent’s a decent shout. Still found Hernandez more impressive though.

  5. Just realised I’ve completely ignored Jack Wilshere for the young player of the season award, even though he gets a mention for the actual team. Tempted to say him over Hernandez, but it’s a bit of a toss-up to be honest – both have had very impressive seasons.

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