5 great MilanKakaBaros Compilation Competition 10 videos

5 great MilanKakaBaros Compilation Competition 10 videos

I would like to start off this piece by saying there is no collaboration going on between Holding Midfield and this competition, just simple approval. This website primarily leans towards the analytical rather than the emotional because I generally find that type of writing more interesting. I find the emotional pieces are often extremely repetitive and limiting Рafter all, there is only a certain amount of times you can paint Roy Keane as a dark anti-hero before you come across as nothing but a stereotypically immature, angsty manchild. There is the occasional article that is able to strike a chord, but the sheer quantity of that sort of writing before the recent surge in critiques has left that genre with huge swathes of clich̩d tat.

Video, however, is a genre that manages to consistently manages to show off football’s more visceral qualities. The BBC and Sky may unimpress with their punditry but their editing is frequently incredible. Give people with that sort of talent more than 90 minutes, some competition and a prize to provide incentive and you end up with the brilliance of the compilation competitions. For all the attempts, little writing can convey the spirit of football better than the pained expressions of Fernando Torres juxtaposed with Wesley Sneijder’s passionate scream at the camera, seconds apart.

What I have chosen here is just a drop in the ocean of editing talent, and I really advise you look deeper into not just this competition but previous ones and the likes of the Soccer Clips competitions – there really is some superb work going on that deserves a platform, as we have touched upon before.

The Dance – ElAlonso

Road to Victory – B0dinh0

The Pursuit of Perfection – chmiel

Danny Welbeck Young Blood – ProductionsWazza

You’ll Never Walk Alone – LFC BenH

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